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Securing Continuous Operations of Mission Critical IoT endpoints


“PdbU Platform” a native PoE (Power over Ethernet) Platform, situated at the IoT endpoint of the network, that provides Converged PoE Solutions of Cyber IP Gatekeeper, power and communication backup; guaranteeing continuous operations of mission critical IoT endpoint such as; IoT/IoE, Surveillance Cameras, Exit and Emergency Lighting, Access Control devices, Fire Alarm Emergency Exits, SCADA among others.
“PdbU Platform” with its revolutionary Deep Learning Algorithms that can not only anticipate the IoT endpoint equipment behavior, but also find correlations between a mesh network of different IoT devices analyzing a devices health, anomaly detection, power availability, power consumption to mention only a few capabilities; the algorithm can tell us ahead of time that IoT device are being hacked, before something becomes irreversibly damaged.
“PdbU Platform” consists of -
  • "Power PdbU” – power backup
  • "Wireless PdbU” – auto failover to wireless network
  • "eDR PdbU” –  IoT endpoint Disaster Recovery; endpoint NAS
  • “Cyber PdbU” – “Cyber IP Gatekeeper”; Non-Intrusive Intrusion Detection & Prevention
  • “DLA PdbU” –    Deep Learning Algorithms
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